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Setting the Right Price to Sell Your Home

One of the most difficult decisions any homeowner ever has to make is deciding on the right price to sell their home. The emotional connection vendor’s have with their property, combined with the desire to maximise their net financial gain can often Result in unrealistic expectations.

Why it’s important to set the right price

Because most properties attract the largest number of potential buyers within the first month of being listed for sale, setting the right price from the outset is critical. If it is priced too high, buyers believe it is out of their range and may overlook it in favour of a more competitively priced property. Remember, you are competing against every property listed for sale in the surrounding area.

Buyers tend to categorise properties into segments. They expect a certain type of property – within a price range – based on the location, style and features. If the property is listed too high, you risk eliminating the very group of buyers who would have been most likely to purchase your property.

If the property fails to sell, and has been listed for more than three months, buyers also begin speculating about possible defects. Any offers that are submitted are often lower than what the property was originally listed for.

What is the right price?

The right price is the price that the market is willing to pay. Buyers will evaluate your property against similar priced homes and if they think it has something to offer that others don’t, they will make an offer.

Anything that gives your home a competitive advantage will attract more interest, potentially elevating the price buyers are willing to pay. This can range from the presentation and quality of the home, to a specific feature such as an office or pool.

Convenience is also important to many buyers, such as the relative location of the property to public transport, recreation, education or shopping.

How can we help

At the Professionals, we have an intimate understanding of the local market, and have access to up to the minute research on national trends and market performance. This means that we can help you determine a selling price that will appeal to the market, while producing the best possible outcome for you.

We can also help you identify the features of your home that give it a distinct competitive advantage, and leverage these benefits to maximise the final selling price.

The negotiation skills of your Professionals agent, combined with our extensive marketing resources, enable us to target the right message to exactly the right market.


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