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Home Security on a Budget

Crime is an issue that affects millions of home owners throughout Australia, but it is possible to stop thieves in their tracks without spending thousands of dollars.

According to Police, most burglaries are opportunistic and unplanned, with thieves entering the property through an unlocked door or window. In many cases they are only in the home for a few minutes, stealing just one or two high value items.

The best way to beat opportunistic break-ins is to eliminate the opportunity before it ever happens. Following are a few ideas that show you how.

Make sure your home is completely visible from the road. Shrubs and trees make a perfect screen to hide thieves as they access the property.

Use motion detectors for outdoor lighting. The thief is left guessing as to whether they activated the light, or you switched it on. It also pays to set the lights at an angle so they cast a large shadow. This makes any movement highly visible.

Put security warning stickers on windows. Once again, the thief is left guessing at the level of security you really have. If they perceive the risk is too great, they are more likely to move on to a softer target.

Entrance doors need to be solid core with deadbolt locks for maximum security.

Windows should be secured with keyed locks. A shatter proof film can also be applied to the glass, making it all but impossible to enter through a broken window.

Identify all your property by either engraving it with your drivers licence number, or marking it with a permanent UV pen.

For more information log on to the SA Police web site

This link will take you straight to the home security section where you will find a range of useful home security links, including a free downloadable book called, HOME SECURITY – Act now & don’t leave it all up to Rover!


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