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Methamphetamine Contamination Screenings

Meth contamination in residential buildings is increasingly becoming a problem. Australia has the highest number of meth users per capita in the English speaking world.  For the property market, it is not only properties with labs that cause an issue, smoking meth inside a home can return contamination readings equal to that produced by labs. The health risks posed to future occupants are high and property owners are responsible for ensuring a property is safe for habitation. Symptoms of exposure can include throat irritation, respiratory difficulties, headaches, skin conditions, and mental health problems.

Meth residue screenings are important for vendors (if property had tenants), purchasers and landlords to consider. Early detection means that remediation will be less expensive and can reduce your liability. We believe it should be taken as seriously as building and pest inspections.

In our Property Management department, our inspectors are trained to look for signs, however it is not always obvious. We recommend that our landlords organise regular contamination checks to protect their tenants and investment. Feel free to contact our office to chat about testing options.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR LANDLORDS: Not all landlords insurance covers damage from meth contamination. We recommend checking your Product Disclosure Statement or contacting your insurer to check you are covered.

See the following South Australian government websites for more details:

Clandestine drug laboratories

Fact Sheet – A clandestine drug laboratory was detected on my property – what happens now?

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